RP Atelier is a professional tailor’s shop. A nice atmosphere and extraordinary approach to the customer. The final effect of outfits looks very professional, with every detail well-thought-out and perfected. I’m sure I’ll use the services of RP Atelier again. I strongly recommend them!

Wiktor Łądka

RP Atelier with Agnieszka Pomorska in charge is absolutely worth recommendation. Great, original designs, well-organised, nice team, and a very good and smooth execution. Their creations will make every dancer feel special!

Wiktoria Wieczorek

Thank you for gorgeous and original dresses that always make me look feminine and confident on the dance floor. Fantastic contact, fully professional approach to cooperation, patience and flexibility towards the customer. I will strongly recommend RP Atelier, because it’s really worth it.

Martyna Mach

I feel honoured to be able to dance in a dress designed by you. A perfectly matched colour, a cut that highlights the figure, and high quality fabric add style and class to it. I feel special, light and elegant in this dress. I’d like to thank you very much and wish you to fulfil your creative passion and many exceptional, unique creations!

Julia Kolińska

Agnieszka Pomorska, creative and full of positive energy, and RP Atelier’s team, with their professionalism and attention to detail – it’s a combination that guarantees a unique creation that is thought-out and designed both in visual and technical aspects. Because apart from a design that dazzles on the dance floor, you receive highest quality services and materials. Only such an outfit can make you feel really special and pampered in every detail.

Borys Zawierucha

RP Atelier is the most professional tailor’s shop I have dealt with. A nice atmosphere from the very beginning of the cooperation and an individual approach to a dancer. Their fantastic outfits make you look professional, and above all they make you feel feminine and elegant. I’m sure I’ll use the services of this company again.

Paulina Hanusek

A big thank you to RP Atelier as THE BEST sponsor and to wonderfully talented Agnieszka Pomorska for making me feel so great and beautiful on the dance floor. High quality and unique design of each of the dresses made by RP Atelier turned out to be number 1, not only in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine a better support. Thank you.

Tatyana Panchenko

Agnieszka Pomorska and RP Atelier offer an individual approach to every customer, no matter whether s/he has already got a title of Dance Champion of Poland or is just starting his/her dancing adventure in the 10 and 11 year olds category. A guarantee of a unique and exceptional design, completed within a time limit suited to dancers’ needs, minimum number of fittings, perfect finish and unusual ideas in the creation process itself – these are just few of the assets of this atelier. Agnieszka infects others with her positive energy, and dancers feel comfortable, stylish and simply beautiful in her dresses. I have decided to have my outfit I will wear as a judge made by RP, and I’m already dreaming about three more. I recommend them.

Dominika Leszczyńska

Thank you to my DEAR sponsor RP Atelier for the incredible work and caring heart you put into your projects humbled to have you by my side Love

Anna Kaplii

Thank you – RP Atelier (Agnieszka Pomorska Joanna Rolecka) for my beautiful dress!! You are simply the best

Klaudia Paduch

Thank U RP Atelier for new stunning and really original dress we love it! Thank U RP Atelier for this outstanding as always dress.

Agnieszka Ośródka i Krzysztof Myka

Great thanks to the sponsor for the best dress – RP Atelier Agnieszka Pomorska and Joanna Rolecka.

Nicola Ziętowska