“We can support your image of a dancer, but we can also create it”

RP Atelier

RP Atelier offers:

– outfit / dance dress project and evening dress on special order

– realisation by design, current trends and comfortable to wear

– unique designs, materials and additives (materials imported on request)

– hairdressing and makeup consultancy

– accessories and jewellery advising

– the overall dancer image care

“Classy? That’s something you’re born with. Style? Chic? Elegance? Glamour? We can help with it” – say Agnieszka Pomorska, RP Atelier originator.

RP Atelier is a place combining dance, trends and crafts. And something else, the most important thing: the experience. Agnieszka Pomorska is dancer – present in this dance world, one of the most important fields of art, from their early childhood. It’s their world. Perfectly aware of the needs of the dancers, their expectations and goals for which they strive every day. Agnieszka know much more: how the fabric lays, how it should be decorated, which color should dominate in your outfit or during the dance competition and what suits and looks the best – and how to achieve this effect. Agnieszka is in the world of dance and with their experience and education, yet she know and see more. That is what allowed them to create a place dedicated to dancers. RP Atelier offers a comprehensive care of a dancer (including the male dancers – soon). An outfit designed according to the current trends, personal preferences or expectations. This is not the end of the list. The other components of the image of the dancer also means a suitable image: hairdressing and make-up. RP Atelier provides an advising on compliance and the elementary image and offers the choice of hairstyles and makeup compatible with a dress style. Projects are ready in accordance with the schedule. consistent with the ordered dress and the implementation on schedule.

how we work

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adjusting the design to the figure and skills of the dancer







She dances since the very beginning and is a multichampion in the Polish and International Championships also in the pomeranian district. Her major achievements include: vice polish amateur in 10 dances , multiple pomeranian district championship, tenth place in the European Cup, fifth place in the IDSF in Madrid, Vice Polish Championship – 10 dances and polish representation during the World Professional Championships 2012 in Austria. Agnieszka owns the highest international dance class: “S” in latin and standard dance; sport dance instructor diploma. Agnieszka is also a judge of the international organization – WDC . She trained with the best coaches in the world including UK and Denmark. In 2010 she founded Dance Studio STARDANCE. Her dance pupils reached e.g.: Polish Dance Championship for 2012 in the under 14 and under 21 categories. Her young dancers are also national team members. Agnieszka graduated from the University of Gdańsk. She took part in the polish “Dancing with the Stars” (3 different editions).